Thursday, 11/2: Vermouth

Thursday, 11/2: Vermouth


Thursday 11.2.17: Vermouth by David Rosoff

7pm | At the Mixed Co bar

Legendary sommelier David Rosoff stops by to host an exploration of modern vermouth. Discover the botanical bounty of Rosoff and partner Steve Clifton’s handmade, artisanal Vermina Vermouth – made nearby in Lompoc – and taste the uniqueness of red and white vermouth in cocktail form.

A $25 ticket gets you into the educational tasting by Rosoff, samples of the red and white vermouths, tastings of four cocktails by Black Cat barman Benjamin Schwartz, plus plentiful tasty bites by Mixed Co chef Trevor Rocco. 



Refreshing: White vermouth, lime, cucumber, salt and pepper

Cobbler: White vermouth, muddled fruit and berries 

Savory: Red vermouth, muddled lemon and rosemary

Bitter: Red vermouth with cappolletti 


Pinxtos & Banderillas: 

Boquerones - artichoke - marinated onion/pepper

Piquillo - tuna confit - hard cooked egg - pickled onion

Serrano - cana de cabra - quince paste

Seared mushroom - lardo

Garroxta - anchovy - black olive - guindilla pepper


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